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Choosing a Texas Based Insurance Carrier

Texas’ insurance market is the world’s 12th largest based on premium volume, and 400 insurance companies are headquartered in the Lone Star State, according to the Insurance Journal. These range from the very large, such as USAA, to specialty companies, like Tokio Marine, which started out in aviation covering antique warbirds, corporate jets, and even homemade private planes. Just about any kind of insurance coverage you need, you can get from a Texas-based company. But first, some history.

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How Uber, Lyft & Turo May Not Be Insured by Your Auto Policy…

Auto Insurance. You may think of it as a paper stuffed in your glove box that allows you to legally drive in the U.S. That hard copy, though, is actually the contract you made for an exchange of money for coverage. When you purchase car insurance, you are buying security. If damage occurs to your property, health, or others during a collision, theft or natural cause, you have monetary stability because of your auto insurance policy. Or, do you?

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4 Ways to Protect Your Insurance Information When You Need it Most

Hopefully the insurance papers cluttering up your desk are not the only copies. Staying organized and protecting your insurance information is a necessity. Many circumstances require insurance information to be easily accessible at a moment’s notice; natural disasters such as floods, fires, etc. can damage paperwork and affect your claim.

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Save Money on Car Insurance while taking less Risk

Why do you buy Auto Insurance?  “I have to” may be your response and that is so true.  Most states require auto liability insurance and almost all lenders require collision and other than collision coverage (the so-called “Full Coverage” option) so “I have to” is a great reason but there is an even better reason….

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