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From businessmen, businesswomen, owners, leaders, and professionals. Representing specific classifications of businesses inside the Lubbock Business Association, in the Lubbock, Texas area. Committed to promoting the economic growth of this Lubbock business community.
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Protecting All of Texas

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When your home is damaged, destroyed or a lawsuit happens on your property, getting the claim settled smoothly and fairly is the highest priority. Hettler Insurance Agency has served homeowners in Lubbock since 1992. Our family of independent agents and Certified Insurance Counselors provide a valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality service, and fair pricing.

We Insure All Kinds of Homes

HIA currently represents more than a dozen top carriers including: Progressive, Safeco, Travelers, Hartford, Metlife, Hippo and StateAuto. Whether you live in city limits or on a ranch in the country, only HIA is able to deliver a customized policy fit to your needs. A rented apartment, condominium, mobile home, or tiny house, typically require different policies, but can still be covered by our team and insurance partners.

Lubbock – Protect the Things that Matter to You

Make an inventory of your home and personal belongings. If possible, make a list – as well as take photos or video – using two inventory methods can help expedite the claim resolution process. Keep this list somewhere other than your home (I know that sounds obvious). Keep in mind that your policy doesn’t cover damages caused by poor or deferred maintenance on your part.

Every home is unique – talk to us today to find out how to get the best price and value on homeowners insurance for you and your family.

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