Potential Dangers Of FPE Panel Stab-Lok Circuit Breakers: What You Need To Know

Are You At Risk With FPE Stab-Lok Circuit Breaker Panels Today?

What You Need To Know About The Potential Dangers Of Stab-Lok Circuit Breaker Panels

Your home’s safety is of utmost importance. If your property was built between 1950 and 1990 and is equipped with Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) circuit breaker electric panels with Stab-Lok circuit breakers, you may be at risk. In this public service notice, we will delve into the potential dangers of FPE Stab-Lok circuit breakers and why it is crucial to address this issue promptly by replacing possibly defective FPE circuit breaker electrical panels.

How To Identify FPE Stab-Lok Panels

Look out for labeling on the panel such as ‘Federal Pacific Stab Lok,’ ‘FPE Stab-Lok,’ ‘Stab-Lok,’ ‘Federal NOARK,’ or ‘Federal Pioneer’ (for Canadian homes). Additionally, the switches may have red or orange labels, and the circuit breakers will be labeled as Stab-Lok (breakers must be removed to verify). If you are unsure, it is best to consult a licensed electrician to verify.

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The Risks Of FPE Stab-Lok
Circuit Breakers

“Non-Insurable” Brands Of Electric Panels, May Include:

FPE Stab-Lok panels have been linked to quite a few reports of arcing, sparks, and even explosions due to faulty design. Federal Pacific linked to many electrical fires because of faulty manufacturing and design. Zinsco/Sylvania circuit breakers have been known to suffer from internal connection failures that may lead to overloading, arcing, melting, and fire hazard. Challenger known for dangerous design, which can create hazardous situations due to improper wiring connections known as “backstabbing”. Trumbull malfunctioning breakers do not trip when overloaded, posing serious risks such as fires and electrical shocks. Bulldog Pushmatic had a problem where breakers failed to trip when overloaded, leading to electrical shocks and fires.

What Do Homeowners and Pros Say?

Anyone have an opinion on Federal Pacific. We’ve had some electricians tell us to get a new box before our house explodes and others that say it’s just fine.

Reddit User

They are garbage. I have changed out several of these panels over the years because home insurance companies won’t cover these panels anymore due to the fire risk. Usually happens after a home sale.

Reddit Electrician

They don’t trip ever! Saving you that pesky walk to the panel to reset them. You just need a fire extinguisher in every room and to sleep with one eye open, but other than that it’s great 🙄

Reddit User
Insurance underwriter here for dwellings. If I know this is your house (and yes, I ask) we will not insure you, or we will non-renew you if you’re on our books, until you replace it.
Insurance Underwriter

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