By |Published On: April 4, 2012|Categories: Insurance Advice|

Hail and tornadoes continue to make the news.  The April 3, 2012 tornadoes that hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area allowed us to view the mighty power that a EF1 or EF2 storm packs.  The pictures of swirling Schneider trailers being tossed about like toys is etched into the minds of many of us.  Just imagine what would have happened if the storm were an EF4 or stronger! Yikes.

Well, insurance companies are reacting to these catastrophic events in many ways, but almost all of them are reacting with price increases for Texas homeowners. Many auto insurance companies have also raised rates.

While Lubbock hasn’t seen a tornado for many years and hasn’t experienced a significant hailstorm since 4/16/2009, (knock on wood) rates in Lubbock are going up because of the claims across the state.

We have the ability to shop our customer’s policies with the 8 companies we represent to try and limit their increases and in a many cases, they are actually saving money!

As a free service to the Lubbock market, Hettler Insurance makes our markets available to people who have their insurance with a different agent.  This service is extremely valuable to those who buy from a captive or “one company” agent because the captive’s price is their price.  No options available.

If your insurance is through State Farm, Farmer’s Insurance, Geico, or Allstate, we strongly recommend that you call us and let us take your account to our marketplace.  You can call Hettler Insurance at 806-798-7800 or you can submit a request for a call back online. Get Better – Get Hettler!