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Dec. 15th Noon-2pm, Closed for Long Lunch, Employee Christmas Party

Office Closed For Long Lunch on Dec. 15th, Noon-2pm for employee Christmas party. So, what's involved? A Festive Celebration As the week closes toward noon on December 15th, our office will buzz with excitement. The annual Employee Christmas Party quickly approaches. The Grand Feast At noon, we will gather in our conference room. A banquet table will be spread with delicious dishes and desserts. Laughter [...more]

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Christmas: Closed Dec. 25, 26

Christmas hours! We'll be CLOSED December 25th & 26th for Christmas holiday. As we gather with our loved ones, let's embrace the spirit of giving and gratitude. May your home be filled with happiness and your hearts brimming with love and peace. Remember, it's more than the presents under some tree, but also about the presence of loved ones around us. It's a time to [...more]

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Thanksgiving: Closed Nov. 22, 23, 24

Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be CLOSED Nov. 22, 23, 24. Grateful hearts & full plates! Wishing everyone a warm & wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, joy, good company, and delicious food. May today be a reminder to cherish the blessings in our lives. #HappyThanksgiving 🍁✨ Lubbock Insurance | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock Texas, 806-798-7800

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Home Renovation Strategies and Long-Term Value: Investments That Pay Off

[guest post by Teresa Siqueira, original home renovation advice appeared on Porch] - For more "home improvement" advice, also see our earlier article: Top 10 Worst ROI Home Improvements [infographic]. The beauty of leveraging well-thought-out renovation strategies isn’t just in its immediate dazzle but in the enduring value it brings. Every choice, from enhancing curb appeal to tapping into home equity potentials, can set the [...more]

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Uncover Hidden Power of Insurance FAQs and Insurance SAQs

Insurance FAQs vs. Insurance SAQs. Navigating the labyrinth of insurance can feel like learning a new language. With so many terms, types, and options, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why at Hettler Insurance Agency in Lubbock Texas, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. Knowledge that not only answers their Frequently Asked Questions (insurance FAQs) but also unveils the [...more]

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Closed on Memorial Day, May 29th

This Memorial Day, let us come together as a nation to honor our fallen heroes, support our veterans, and reflect on the values they fought to preserve. May their memory inspire us to live with gratitude, unity, and a commitment to the principles of freedom and justice. Memorial Day meaning and significance, BBQ tips, and fireworks 1. Introduction to [...more]

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Office Closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 23, 24, 25. Have a Safe Holiday!

May you and your families have a safe, happy, and thankful Thanksgiving.  Thank you to all our customers, associates/partners, and employees (and their families).  We are truly thankful!

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Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Nov 1 to Dec 15, 2022 for coverage that starts Jan 1, 2023

Health Insurance, Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), Obamacare, Marketplace insurance, etc.  Whatever name you call it by, it's that time of year.  Remember, you're generally not allowed to make changes any other time, except after a "Qualifying life event (QLE)" like getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage.  For more info and other QLE examples see And, click here for a Health Insurance [...more]

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Patriot Day 2022, 9-11 Never Forget

Twenty-one years ago today, 9-11-2001, our country was viciously attacked by a coordinated terrorist plot that took lives, destroyed buildings, and left a mark on your hearts. Today, we remember those whose lives were lost. As curated by Encyclopaedia Britannica, see below for a quick summary of this day of remembrance: […more]

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The 11th annual Hettler Cup golf tournament. August 27th (Saturday, 9 am @ Rawls) & 28th (Sunday @ Lakeridge), 2022. Rawls versus Lakeridge. Over 30 golfers compete in one of the few match-play events in West Texas. 🏌️ Pairings party and dinner at The Rawls Course on Friday night (August 26th @ 6:30 pm). We honor the passing of Stacey Martin, long-time player and organizer. [...more]

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Cheap Health Insurance Lubbock Texas, Explainer Article Video

Cheap Health Insurance Lubbock Texas, Explainer Article | Hettler Insurance Agency, (806) 798-7800 Health Insurance Health insurance Open Enrollment ends Jan. 15th.  The word ‘insurance’ can be defined as an arrangement by which one party agrees to pay another in case of some uncertain event. This is a type of insurance that is used to protect the insured against any health problems. Health insurance in [...more]

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Don’t Let Your Property Value Decrease

Neglected home repairs can be the biggest factor that decreases property value.  And, repairs can be expensive if you don't have homeowners insurance.  Speak to a local independent insurance agent to make sure you're covered. It's cheaper for you if insurance pays instead of you paying for expensive home repairs at full price. To learn more about how property values are affected, read this [...more]

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Is Lubbock Insurance Hard To Find?

Is Lubbock Insurance Hard To Find? | 806-798-7800, Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock Texas Buying insurance doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a friend on the inside. Hello, friend. Come on inside, our door is open (we’ve even got a handy drive-thru window, the only agency in Lubbock Texas). Let us do the hard work for you. You don’t have time to shop for [...more]

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Happy National Boss Day!

For the Hettler family: To the Best and kindest bosses in the world. Thank You! (from all your staff). You’ve been a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation to all of us. Did you know: National Boss Day was born inside an insurance office in 1958 By the way, thank you to all the bosses, and owners, out there who go above and beyond. We [...more]

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Labor Day Holiday, Hettler Insurance Lubbock Closed Monday

In honor of the Labor Day holiday, Hettler Insurance Agency in Lubbock, Texas, will be closed on Monday, September 6th. We’ll be back in the office the next day (Tuesday) to help with Lubbock insurance, and all of Texas. What is Labor Day Labor Day in 2021 is observed on Monday, September 6th (yes, for small business owners too). Labor Day is an annual U.S. [...more]

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