• 7 Smart Tips How To Find Your Best Auto Insurance Policy

    Automobile insurance (car insurance, truck insurance, etc.) is a requirement in just about every state. Many times, we don’t actively use our insurance, but we still have to maintain an insurance policy. So, here’s a top 7 list of things you can do to help get the best auto policy at the lowest price.

  • Auto Insurance Drive-Thru in Lubbock Texas

    Drive-thru insurance? Slide-in or drive-in? Or, please, just pull up to the window! (We have the only drive-thru insurance agency in Lubbock, Texas). We do the shopping, so you don’t have to. We work for you, not the insurance company. GetHettler.com (806) 798-7800 M-F 8:30am-5pm. Hettler Insurance Agency, 4432 S Loop 289, Lubbock, TX 79414. Call, text, online, drive-thru. #freeautoquote #getbettertogether #shoplocal #hettlerinsurancedotcom

  • Top 10 Ways to Save Money On Auto Insurance

    Money-Saving Strategies to Lower Auto Insurance Costs. When you’re looking for ways to reduce expenses, consider the money you spend on car insurance. Reduce what you pay to insure your vehicle with these strategies. Of course, everyone knows that you are legally required to carry insurance for your vehicle. But, you don’t have to overpay for that coverage. Look for an affordable option for your […]

  • When to Check Auto Insurance Rates

    When’s the last time you gave more than a second thought to your car or truck insurance? Did you know that there’s no harm in changing insurance carriers often? Actually, it can be a very good thing. Keep reading to see why! Do you think about your auto insurance rates very often? Like many, you probably only consider your rates when it comes time to […]

  • Speeding Tickets & Auto Insurance

    “License and registration please.” Four words no one ever wants to hear. But sometimes even the best drivers exceed the speed limit and find themselves facing a massive ticket. Other than an unexpected dent to your wallet and points on your driving record, how else can a speeding ticket negatively impact you?

  • How Safe Is Your Car This New Years Day?

    According to the online magazine Insurance Journal, Texas insurance regulators say that New Year’s Day is the number one holiday for vehicle theft. The Texas Department of Insurance urges you to lock your car doors and turn on your alarm while you celebrate the new year, in order to prevent auto theft.

  • Tips About Auto Insurance From Lubbock Texas [Infographic]

    Auto insurance in Lubbock, Texas, requires coverage for all vehicle owners (just like the rest of Texas). Of course, you want the insurance carrier to repay you in case your vehicle is stolen or damaged in a mishap. Lots of people tend to grumble about the high costs of auto insurance in Lubbock, and the average coverage elsewhere. Here, we offer you some quick tips […]

  • Keys to Progress for Veterans

    As you may know, this week is National Veterans Small Business Week. But, you may not know that every November Progressive Insurance has a one-day vehicle giveaway program for some lucky veterans. It’s called the Keys to Progress® Program (#KeysToProgress), Giving Back to Those Who Gave So Much. Since 2013, the program has donated more than 600 vehicles to our veterans and various veteran organizations. […]

  • Gap Insurance: What is it and How it Works

    Buy the Gap When a Car is Financed or Leased No, this isn’t coverage against an ill-planned shopping spree at a certain clothing store in your local mall. In short, gap insurance protects you from owing more than your car is worth in case of a major accident or theft. If your vehicle is stolen, or totaled by an accident or natural disaster, the amount […]

  • Happy Lubbock Auto Insurance Customer Review

    Hettler Insurance Agency would like to thank Brandon Word of Lubbock, Texas, for his kind words on Facebook today. After all, everyone loves a kind word. We do love helping our customers get the best deal on auto insurance, home insurance, etc. When customers go out of their way to let people know how happy they are, then we know we’re doing a good job. […]

  • Auto Insurance Limits In Plainview Texas

    When is a good time to visit the Hale County Courthouse in Plainview, Texas? Perhaps a good time to visit is when you apply for a marriage license. Or, when researching the title on a car that you want to buy. But, do you want to end up at the courthouse due to a lawsuit stemming from a claim in an auto accident? In Plainview, […]

  • Hettler Insurance Expands Partnership with Auto and Home Carriers

    New Appointments Increase Auto Carriers to 13 and Property Carriers to 20 Today, Hettler Insurance Agency announced it is appointed to quote State Auto Insurance Company and Hippo Insurance. Hettler Insurance is now an authorized agency with 13 different companies for vehicle policies and 15 for property (homeowners, renters, condo).

  • 4 Reasons Lubbock Texas is Dangerous

    Steady economic growth, a low cost of living and growing population make Lubbock, TX a great place to call home and live. Over 300,000 people call Lubbock home and the city is expected to grow 7% through 2022. Our diverse economy and job market outpace many other areas of the United States.

  • Getting Auto Insurance for SR-22 Certificates

    Did the DMV tell you to file an SR-22? If so, you probably have something on your driving record you’d rather not talk about. But it’s important to get over your embarrassment and be honest with your insurance agent. If you’re staring down an SR-22 certificate, here’s what you need to know.

  • Why You Should Avoid Riding Scooters in Texas

    By now, you’ve probably seen or heard scooters zooming around streets and sidewalks downtown. The most visible e-scooter startup, Bird, is now valued at close to a billion dollars and is expanding into major metro areas across the entire United States. Scooter rental companies are especially popular on college campuses. Despite their popularity, e-scooters are not without controversy among motorists, pedestrians, insurance agencies, and attorneys. […]