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Hettler Insurance Agency would like to thank Brandon Word of Lubbock, Texas, for his kind words on Facebook today. After all, everyone loves a kind word. We do love helping our customers get the best deal on auto insurance, home insurance, etc. When customers go out of their way to let people know how happy they are, then we know we’re doing a good job. We were able to save Brandon $80/month on auto insurance. Later on, we saved him money again: $71/month this time.

Here is what Brandon said: …..

I use Hettler Insurance Agency for my car insurance. When I first started with them, they found an insurance company that saved my like, $80 from what I had found on my own, so I ended up paying $165/month for full coverage. A few months ago, that policy went up to $187/month and I just kinda rolled with it. But yesterday, I decided to give Hettler a call and just ask if there was anything they could do. The fella I spoke with said “sure, we’ll shop around for you and give you a call by the end of the day.” Within the day, I got called back and they had found a plan with the same coverage for $116/month. All that cost me was 2 minutes on the phone.

My point is, if you ask FB who has the best insurance, you’re going about it all wrong. Go to Hettler and they’ll do all the shopping and looking around for you.

> Click here to see Brandon’s post on Facebook.