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12 years ago · by

Should you shop your Auto Insurance and Home Insurance coverage together?

We get calls all the time from families wanting us to shop their auto insurance.  We put all the information into the rating program and get quotes back from up to 8 companies.  But many times the substantial savings that we show the customer is “eaten up” by the loss of a multi-policy discount on their home insurance.

Many insurance companies give a 20-25% discount on your home policy if you insure your automobile with them.  That’s a substantial discount and with rates for property insurance being what they are, it could mean $200 or more in rate reductions for giving the same insurance company both policies.

With that said, many homeowners approach the market with shopping one policy in mind.  The shop their big ticket item, their homeowners insurance policy, with all the online and direct marketed companies without realizing that changing to any of them would cost them $200 in additional home insurance premium.

So if you are a homeowner, its more efficient to approach insurance agencies and companies that write both auto and home insurance.  Almost all of the independent insurance agencies that I know offer both Home and Auto Insurance with multiple companies.  If you want to find a fair deal, call a local independent insurance agent and get them working for you.

With all that said, it sometimes makes sense to place your auto and home insurance with different insurance companies.  Again, your independent insurance agent is the most efficient way to make that happen.  They are the only distribution system that allows you to shop with one phone call.

If you are searching for auto insurance or homeowners insurance in Lubbock, the South Plains, West Texas, or for that matter, anywhere in Texas, give Hettler Insurance a call at 806-798-7800 or visit to buy your next policy.  Stay safe!!!

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