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Buying insurance in Lubbock is quite a shock for many who move here from other parts of the country.  They can’t believe that home insurance can cost so much.  When I moved to Lubbock over 30 years ago, the cost of my home insurance doubled while the amount of coverage decreased 25%.

Lubbock area deductibles also are normally 1% of the value of your home.  My previous insurance policy carried a $250 deductible.  1% sounds small until you realize that 1% of a home that would cost $120,000 to rebuild means that $1,200 is at risk for every single claim.  That’s almost $1,000 more risk for twice the premium and 3/4ths of the coverage.

What causes such high premiums?  If you’re like many that move to Lubbock, you arrive here in the summer months when most of the activity of moving occurs.  It’s hot and dry then followed by a lovely fall with cool evenings and a mild winter when most snow disappears by the next day.

Then, springtime hits and the dreaded storms start to move across our television screens with regularity.  From April until the end of May, red and yellow is a regularly appearing color in the corner our favorite TV shows.  And…Ron Roberts, John Robinson, and Nikki Dee are the lead characters during prime time as these meteorologists do their best to keep us informed.

Hail, tornadoes, and high winds almost always accompany springtime rain.  The damage caused by springtime weather causes our premiums to ratchet skyward and there’s not much that can be done to avoid these increased insurance costs.

There are a few things you can do to keep your insurance premiums down:

1.  Buy a UL Class 4 Impact resistant roof when you install a new roof.

2.  Bundle your home and auto insurance through the same agency.   Read: DISCOUNTS!

3.  Shop through an independent agent for quotes through multiple companies.

Hettler Insurance can’t help you with #1 (call a good roofer) but we are perfectly positioned to bundle your coverage through one of our 6 homeowner and auto insurance carriers and we obviously will quote you through our multiple companies.

Lubbock:  For a fair price and good advice on all your insurance needs, call us at 806-798-7800.  As our TV/Radio commercials say “Get Better Get Hettler.  Call 798-7800”