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The Most Dangerous Jobs to Insure in Texas

All jobs have occupational hazards – even office workers get paper cuts or, more often these days, carpal tunnel syndrome. But some occupations are riskier than others, rodeo clowns? You bet. And those risks are reflected in insurance policies. Disability and life insurance policies are especially affected by dangerous jobs.

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How Will Climate Change Affect Insurance in Texas?

All Texans know that we live in the greatest state on earth. As such, we don’t like to be bothered by problems that divert us from advancing our business, socializing or just relaxing with some Friday night football. So it’s no wonder that many folks don’t want to face the frightening and highly inconvenient problem of climate change. But it’s here, and a spate of recent weather extremes are affecting the insurance industry.

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How Can Open Carry Affect Insurance for Texas Businesses?

Open carry legislation went into effect in Texas on January 1, 2016. This means that ordinary citizens with an existing concealed handgun license, can openly carry their firearms in public. There are several exceptions, including college campuses, federal and state owned land and in businesses that overtly prohibit open carry. While Texas is by no means the first state to allow open carry, it’s the biggest! And Texans are well known for prizing their guns.

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The Minimum Insurance You Need as an Entrepreneur

If you start reading about all the types of insurance on the market for a business, you might become overwhelmed. It’s a rookie mistake to forgo insurance, thinking coverage for a new business is an unnecessary expense.

Instead, let’s look at the minimum amount of insurance an entrepreneur should carry. Note the types and amount you should carry depend on your industry, location and the size of your business.

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Avoid ACR & Save on Group Health Plans for 2016

As you surely know by now, small employers in Texas are facing a series of changes under the Affordable Care Act. Some of these changes center around the Adjusted Community Rating (ACR), which went into effect in January of 2014. So far, it’s affected small businesses with 1 to 50 employees. But starting in 2016, employers with 51 to 100 employees will also be subject to ACR. Let’s look at ACR basics and some possible ways to navigate this potentially costly development.

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Are Exorcisms, Ghosts and Werewolves Covered by Insurance?

With Halloween just around the corner, you may have questions regarding the mishaps and creatures in many horror movies. While we can’t answer why the villain won’t utter a word or how the characters always die so easily, we can answer your insurance questions regarding the haunting of Halloween. We also decided to tackle some more common insurance problems that can happen in October.

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