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Top 12 List for Independent Insurance Agency, Plus A Bonus

During some period of your life, you’ll probably need the services of an independent insurance agent, maybe in Lubbock, Texas. Let’s face it, auto, homeowners, business, health, disability, and life insurance can prevent financial disaster in times of crisis. And, good insurance is peace of mind.

An outstanding insurance agent can help you protect all of your assets, including your money.

But, how do you ever find an outstanding insurance agent? Would you know one if you meet one? What if your agency has several insurance agents? How do you know if they are all competent?

Here is a list of qualities of an outstanding insurance agency. Does your agency have this caliber of agents?:

1. Qualified, competent, certified. What credentials do the agents have? Are the agents certified? Are any of the agents Certified Insurance Counselors? Can they consult with you, or just sell you a policy? Professional credentials are the mark of a licensed, educated professional. Don’t you want to work with a pro? (compare this to the difference between a bookkeeper and a certified CPA)

2. Does the agency represent several major insurance carriers, and types of insurance products? An experienced agency will be able to find you the best and cheapest insurance because they can choose from a wider variety of carriers. INSIDER FACT: insurance carriers only work with competent, proven agencies. If your agency works with a large number of carriers, then rest assured that agency has been thoroughly vetted by those insurance carriers.

BONUS: Some independent insurance agencies do charge a fee for their services. Other independent agencies do Not charge any extra fees for their services. So, look for the agency that does not charge any extra for their expert, hard-earned advice and experience. FYI, Hettler Insurance Agency in Lubbock, Texas is an agency that does Not charge any extra fees. You pay the same as if you had spoken directly with Progressive, Geico, etc. The only difference is that you get a ton of experience, expert advice, and customer service all for free.

3. Agents have good listening skills. Does the agent pressure you to pick a certain type or amount of insurance? Or, does he/she listen to what you have to say? A quality agent is attentive and listens to you, taking the time to answer your questions.

4. The agent takes time to get to know you. He asks about your situation. A quality insurance agent will sit down with you and pay attention to your financial needs and goals. Her recommendations and solutions will be well-suited to your personal circumstances.

5. Agents return calls promptly. Anytime you have questions or comments about your insurance policy (or a claim), a good agent will call you back within 24 hours. He may have been unavailable when you first called.

6. The insurance agency owner hires quality staff. A good insurance agency owner understands how important it is to hire employees who show up on time. In a quality office, employees dress appropriately, and deal with you with courtesy and kindness. An agency owner knows that excellent customer service comes from professional, qualified staff.

7. Are the agents tactful, understanding, and knowledgeable? Outstanding agents consider your goals and purposes. They will listen to you and then present the facts. Be sure the agent can give you examples of the insurance that will work best for you.

8. Are the agents honest? An upstanding agent will discuss the pros and cons of each type of insurance. They will be honest with you and discuss each pro and con, so you can make an informed decision.

9. Do the agents possess any legal and tax knowledge. The best agents should be able to explain to you about general legal and tax considerations for your policy. For specific legal and tax questions, the agent will still refer you to an attorney or tax professional, for everyone’s sake.

10. Is the agency involved in the local business community? (For instance, Hettler Insurance Agency in Lubbock, Texas, operates a business alliance with other local business owners.) The agency owner and agents should know many of the local bankers, realtors, home builders, store owners, and major employers in their city or town. Since the agency owner is a small business owner, of course, he should be involved with local community affairs. Don’t be surprised if you see him around town at community events.

11. Are the agents friendly and open with people? Expect a competent agent to have a smile on his face and openly chat with you. You should feel like part of the family. In fact, if you can find a family-owned independent insurance agency, you probably need not look anywhere else!

12. Are the agents overly aggressive or pushy? If so, walk away. A quality agent knows that being too pushy with a customer can lead to lost confidence and lost sales. He realizes that it comes down to people helping people.

So, when looking for an insurance agency that you can trust, look for all these qualities listed.

Trust your instincts. Remember, the agents are people, too. Keep in mind, an independent insurance agency will have access to many major insurance carriers. So, you’re assured of more choices when it comes to protecting everything that is precious to you.