• Cheap Health Insurance Lubbock Texas, Explainer Article Video

    Cheap Health Insurance Lubbock Texas, Explainer Article | Hettler Insurance Agency, (806) 798-7800 Health Insurance Health insurance Open Enrollment ends Jan. 15th.  The word ‘insurance’ can be defined as an arrangement by which one party agrees to pay another in case of some uncertain event. This is a type of insurance that is used to protect the insured against any health problems. Health insurance in […]

  • Reduce Health Care Expenses: 7 Frugal Living Tips, Plus One

    Do you want to save money? It’s possible to save $500 or more per month. But, how do you make it work? For several years, health care expenses have been on the rise. For nearly every household, healthcare costs continue to be a major expense. The expense for the care itself continues to increase, and, naturally, insurance costs tend to rise also. Discovering ways to […]

  • Fast Track Guide for Obtaining Healthcare Coverage

    Who needs health insurance? The fact is: health insurance makes healthcare more accessible and affordable. Yes, this includes preventive services like regular check-ups with your doctor and health screenings. (By the way, Open Enrollment for health insurance is Nov. 1st – Dec. 15th) For example, in 2019, only one-third of the U.S population’s uninsured citizens set up a preventive service visit with a doctor. In […]

  • Why Is Open Enrollment A Big Deal For Health Insurance?

    Not having health insurance can be…Scary! Open enrollment is Nov. 1st – Dec. 15th. Give us a call so we can help you! (806) 798-7800, M-F 8:30am-5pm So, why is open enrollment such a big deal for health insurance? Have you ever thought to yourself: “I should be allowed to update or buy health insurance whenever it’s convenient for me. That’s not fair. Why do […]

  • Open Enrollment Changes for 2019: What You Need to Know

    On a chilly Washington D.C. evening in December 2017, legislators met to decide the fate of millions of Americans. The mantra “repeal and replace” reverberated across the country since the earliest days of the Trump presidency. And now, folks from both sides of the aisle still had no idea what was about to happen… Fast forward to present day and the outcome of the lawmaker’s […]

  • Open Enrollment 2018 and the Future of Health Insurance

    No one, not Congress, the president or even your insurance agent knows definitively what will happen to health insurance. However, this much we know, the Affordable Care Act was not repealed for 2018. After several attempts, it is still the law, although it has changed significantly. What happens next? How will open enrollment affect Texans and Lubbock residents? What does a death spiral of the […]

  • Free Market Insurance Reform

    The following is an outline for free market insurance reform, written by Ron Hettler, an insurance broker that understands the health insurance marketplace, problems with the Affordable Care Act and possible solutions. Areas for Free Market Insurance Reform include Insurance, Medical Providers, Share Responsibility Penalty, Tax Credit Transition and Networks.

  • The Spookiest Halloween Insurance Claims

     Halloween is known for bats, vampires, ghosts, witches, candy, and… insurance claims? These can be the spookiest of all. And Halloween is one of the biggest days for the kind of trickery that leads to insurance claims.

  • Will Health Insurance Improve or Get Worse Under Clinton?

    Has there been a more politically divisive time in American history? Well, there was the Civil War. But otherwise, things are pretty grim in the world of Democrats vs. Republicans. So when we speculate about whether the insurance situation can improve under a Hillary Clinton presidency, we have to consider her friction with a Republican Congress.

  • What Happens to Healthcare if Clinton or Sanders Wins the White House?

    If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders wins the presidency, the U.S. will have Obamacare and then some. Especially if Sanders is elected. Both candidates have been very vocal – and quite detailed – about their plans for healthcare.

  • 5 Ways to Stay Healthy Outdoors in Lubbock

    Lubbock is a city of wide-open spaces and believe it or not, there are a variety of outdoor options to stay healthy. Don’t rely completely on health insurance, get some much needed exercise! Whether you prefer exercising on wheels, motors, or sturdy shoes, you can find an outdoor outlet in the Hub City. The plethora of gyms and activity centers can also give shelter in […]

  • What Happens to Health Insurance if Cruz or Trump Wins?

    President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has been one of the most divisive laws in recent memory. As Super Tuesday revealed, Trump and Cruz have the highest probability of securing the Republican nomination. For the sake of brevity, let’s leave out Rubio and democratic candidates and focus on how Cruz and Trump plan to tackle Obamacare.

  • Saving on Health Insurance Premiums

    News of rising health insurance premiums has alarmed Texans as well as citizens of other states. In July, the New York Times announced that insurance companies were petitioning the federal government to approve rate increases of 20 to 40 percent and even higher. In Minnesota, for instance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield sought to raise premiums an astonishing 54 percent.

  • Avoid ACR & Save on Group Health Plans for 2016

    As you surely know by now, small employers in Texas are facing a series of changes under the Affordable Care Act. Some of these changes center around the Adjusted Community Rating (ACR), which went into effect in January of 2014. So far, it’s affected small businesses with 1 to 50 employees. But starting in 2016, employers with 51 to 100 employees will also be subject […]

  • Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Begins November 1, 2015

    On November 1, 2015 open enrollment begins nationwide and lasts until December 15th 2015. For a month and a half, you have the ability to sign up for the government managed, health exchange marketplace. You also have the same amount of time to sign up for private health insurance plans, unless you qualify for a special enrollment.