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Pop culture is rich with references to movies. Every school kid, to this day, recognizes the ominous interval warning of an imminent shark attack, thanks to “Jaws”. Among the many influential movies that have impacted our culture, “Star Wars” is the only one with its own date. May 4th is Star Wars Day, as in May the Force Be With You? We’re also looking forward to multiple Star Wars movies coming out each year, and it gives us an excuse to re-watch the trailer!

May the 4th Be With You!

With that in mind, Hettler Insurance has taken steps to make sure Luke and Leia can battle the Evil Empire worry-free. Being an EOI (Equal Opportunity Insurer), Hettler will even insure the storm troopers, despite their poor driving record. So, let’s see what a galaxy far, far away has in common with insurance in Lubbock, Texas.

Mobile Home/RV Insurance

sandcrawlerThe Jawas learned a long time ago that they simply HAD to carry comprehensive coverage on their sand crawlers. Much like humans’ RV and mobile homes, the owners live and cook in their vehicles, keep all of their junk inside, and sometimes conduct business. Rough terrain (have you ever been to Tatooine?) and harsh conditions take their toll on these vehicles. Jawas and Lubbockites have something else in common- sandstorms and other severe weather. A comprehensive policy on your RV/sand crawler will repair any damage from bad weather. You can even get road hazard coverage and special coverage for cargo, plumbing, climate control, and even vandalism from the Sand People.

ATV Insurance

speeder bikeStorm troopers pay some of the highest rates when they insure their speeder-bikes (as seen in the Return of the Jedi). By one account, the bikes can easily reach 310 mph! Even a good driving record can’t overcome the simple fact that these are off-road vehicles, easy to flip over or wreck. Liability and collision are also crucial with speeder-bikes and with ATV insurance. You’ll want to make sure you carry enough medical liability, especially if you plan to let non-family ride or drive the vehicle.

Auto Insurance

droid insuranceC3PO and R2D2 certainly had their fair share of insurance claims. A droid was an essential companion for literally anyone in the universe. The only real life example compatible would be an automobile, although there are many differences and some similarities:

  • There is a difference between a driver causing a collision and a car (or droid) causing damage. Such acts are capable of droids, even R2 has killed a few imperial droids in the movies and acts of war are excluded from coverage. Insurance can also be tricky for intentional destruction, if R2 were to attempt to harm another droid and suffer damage in the process, that damage would be excluded from coverage.
  • Considering that a droid like C3PO or R2D2 could cost as much as a car, insuring a droid would likely be similar to automobile insurance. It might even be required, earning a hefty fine if caught without droid insurance, just like on your car.
  • Droids can get themselves in far more claim situations than automobiles, which are mostly grounded on the road. R2D2, an astromech droid, typically sits without protection exposed to outer space during X-Wing flights and is vulnerable to blasters, asteroids or becoming detached from the ship. This would certainly make R2D2 more expensive to insure than say, C3PO, a protocol droid. Such questions such as, how often does your droid travel with you through the galaxy? Or is your droid simply used for housekeeping, would be routine for insurance.

 Homeowners’ Insurance

Depending on whether you lived in a home, on a planet or simply used your ship as a modern day house boat, homeowners insurance would be far different than on Earth. Coverage for falling spacecraft debris or collisions with your home would be mandatory, and likely a common occurrence. Homeowners insurance would differ wildly from planet to planet, similar to differences between states and even cities on earth. It all comes down to how many claims and how catastrophic. In Lubbock, homeowners should prepare for vandalism, personal injuries, hail, flood and wind damage.

High Risk Insurance

Nearly everyone is insurable. If your driving record is as bad as a storm trooper’s, give us a call. We’ll find insurance that will keep you on the road. It could be that you have a high risk job. Boba Fett traveled galaxies pursuing some of the most dangerous creatures alive, but his Slave I was always insured. Yours can be covered, too.

For “out of this world” coverage (you had to know that was coming!) call Hettler Insurance. And, as always, May the Force be With You!