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With Halloween just around the corner, you may have questions regarding the mishaps and creatures in many horror movies. While we can’t answer why the villain won’t utter a word or how the characters always die so easily, we can answer your insurance questions regarding the haunting of Halloween. We also decided to tackle some more common insurance problems that can happen in October.

And Other Scary Insurance Questions

Spiders Rats Bats Infestation Liability Insurance | Lubbock Insurance | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock TexasSpiders, Rats and Bats, Oh My!

Infestations can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Unfortunately, spiders, rodent and bat infestations aren’t covered by homeowner or renter’s policies and the expense can be quite high. Scorpions are also common in West Texas; call an exterminator for any issue with pests and other nasty critters.

Can You Ever Have Too Much Candy?

Most health insurance policies will cover medical problems resulting from candy. The most common claims are peanut allergies. Unless a neighbor is aware of your child’s allergy, and it can be proven, that they intended to harm your child, the accidental Reese’s will be covered by their homeowner’s policy. Otherwise, they could be criminally liable.

Hayride Injuries

A favorite pastime of little ones in October, the hayride. But hayrides can be quite dangerous. If hosting a hayride, realize that accepting payment voids coverage from your auto insurance for any passenger injuries, instead requiring general liability insurance or business insurance.

Werewolf Liability Insurance | Lubbock Insurance | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock TexasWerewolves

This one is tricky. If a werewolf bites a victim on a full moon, according to pop culture, they tend to not be aware of their actions. If the bite is proven accidental, then insurance policies might cover any harm. If proven as intentional, the werewolf will be criminally liable.


The source of multiple horror movies since the classic 1973 version. Many ministers and priests tend to forgo any business insurance, as they often have little liability. But, a priest involved in exorcisms would want to consider purchasing business liability insurance, especially professional liability!

Ghost Poltergeist Insurance Liability Insurance | Lubbock Insurance | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock TexasGhosts

Can you lose property to ghosts and still be reimbursed by insurance companies? Yes you can. If you happen to encounter a pesky poltergeist, schedule your items on your homeowner’s policy by recording your assets. The broadened coverage would allow you to claim reimbursement for the item as a “mysterious disappearance”.