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Most auto insurance buyers understand that Uninsured Motorists coverage covers them when they are hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance and the buyer wasn’t at fault in the accident.  But Uninsured Motorists Coverage has some interesting twists that may provide coverage just when you need it.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the coverage is when you are walking down the road and get hit by a car.  What you say!!! “I was walking in a parking lot and this driver on a cell phone turned right into me, knocked me down, and I sprained my ankle.  He drove off and I was left to pay the emergency room bill.”

The emergency room bill is potentially an Uninsured Motorists claim.  Turn it into your auto insurer for reimbursement.  When the driver left the scene of the accident, it became a hit and run accident.  That’s right, its no different than if you were in a car.  Uninsured Motorists covers hit and run incidents as well.  That’s assuming that the other party was at fault of course.

Now for my final thought on the topic (for today!)  Remember that parking lot accident that I mentioned two paragraphs ago?  Well, you are covered under most policies if you are a family member residing in the same household.  What does that do for you?

Imagine that you don’t have an insurance policy because you don’t have a license or a car.  If there is an auto policy with Uninsured Motorists coverage in the household that you reside in and you are related to the family member that is purchasing the policy, you are most likely covered under their policy.  Yes!  Isn’t that neat!  Perhaps you aren’t even listed on the policy. Still it is likely that your Uncle’s policy will apply to your injury.

Buy Uninsured Motorists coverage.  It’s optional in most states but it’s an essential part of the auto insurance puzzle.  When you are looking at buying your auto insurance (and you live in Texas), give Hettler Insurance Agency in Lubbock, TX a call at 1-806-798-7800 to look at the options that Hettler offers.  Or you may visit www.hettlerinsurance.com to get quotes or more information.  Drive Safe always!