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By |Published On: April 1, 2015|Categories: Auto Insurance|

Starting on April 1st, Hettler Insurance, a local Lubbock insurance agency, would like to cover your dents and mangled front end on your car, truck or SUV with advertisements.

Calling All Vehicles That Have Difficulty Passing Inspection!

“If you’ve gotten into an ugly accident, it may be cool at first to show those battle wounds, but over time it looks ridiculous. Our research has shown, cars with visible damage are more likely to get into accidents in the future. Other drivers just enjoy taking out the weak and sick I guess,” said Ron Hettler, President of Hettler Insurance. “Our solution? In the same way your auto insurance company covered you for the accident, we’ll physically cover your car with ads that read like a giant bumper sticker.”

The ads are meant to distract drivers from seeing the damage and can help pass state inspections, prevent future accidents and avoid off color comments about the state of one’s vehicle.

The agency will pay $200 a month to all willing drivers and install the ad for free, as a courtesy. A few drivers in Lubbock have already seized the opportunity and are taking advantage of Hettler’s offer. The agency would like to remind drivers, although the ads are only available to damaged vehicles, do not damage your vehicle, just to get an ad