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Lucy was a child when she was diagnosed with asthma. Her parents searched for health insurance, but were denied coverage for hospital visits and medication. Prior to the Affordable Health Care Act, this was a common scenario. Many Americans have been denied coverage of regular medical expenses for pre-existing and chronic conditions, such as asthma. In addition, not every American could afford or receive health insurance due to different employment and income situations.

The Affordable Health Care Act has changed health insurance coverage in two main ways: Americans can finally afford health insurance and Americans cannot be denied coverage for many scenarios.

Asthma and Health Insurance

According to the CDC, asthma affects 1 in 12 Americans. Those with asthma are more likely to have health insurance than without. That’s likely due to 71% of those affected by asthma, use prescription asthma medication and are hospitalized more frequently than Americans without Asthma. Furthermore, 12.2% of Texas adults with asthma, will have it for a lifetime.

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Children are more likely to have health insurance and asthma than adults. In Texas, however, full-year health insurance coverage for adults was the lowest of any state. 22.2% of adults with asthma in Texas do not have health insurance, making asthma medication expensive and treatments less frequent.



Health Coverage of Patients with Asthma in Texas

  • Adult: No/Partial Year Coverage: 22.2%
  • Child: No/Partial Year Coverage: 9.3%

Source: CDC’s Asthma Call-back Survey 2006-2010; 20 areas with 5 years of adult and child data. Estimates represent 5 year averages

The estimated annual costs of asthma were $4,900 per person according to a study published by the Journal of allergy and Clinical Immunology. Without health insurance, asthma becomes less treatable and more expensive. Prior to the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance didn’t completely cover the cost of asthma, with many limitations and exclusions such as Lucy’s.

Asthma and the Affordable Care Act

  1. The ACA changed the way healthcare is sold, priced and operated, especially towards those with asthma, which can be a pre-existing condition and a chronic condition. Most American’s who couldn’t afford health insurance, are now eligible for subsidized government plans that are affordable regardless of income or job status.
  2. The ACA also benefits children afflicted with asthma conditions. Health plans can no longer limit or deny coverage of children with pre-existing health conditions. Preventative health services such as child doctor visits are also completely covered under ACA plans.
  3. The ACA also allows for the right to appeal any rate increases or cancelation of policies. In addition, lifetime limits on coverage are banned on new health insurance plans. Previously, these limits could be reached quite quickly with someone diagnosed with asthma.
  4. Prior to the ACA, chronic conditions were often not covered in private health care. Regardless of state, all plans must now cover chronic conditions such as asthma with no limits.
  5. Know someone who is a smoker with asthma? That’s quite common. In fact in Texas, it’s more likely someone with asthma smokes than someone without asthma. Many suffering with asthma were denied coverage due to smoking habits, that’s changed under the ACA. Even the smoking, asthma afflicted can receive affordable health insurance.

Health Insurance in Lubbock

If you or your family suffer from asthma and live in Lubbock, you are very likely to receive a reduced cost of medication, hospital visits and asthma related medical expenses. Texas has the highest rate of those without health insurance of any state, 25.1%. Don’t be in the 25%.

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