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In the fall of 2009 I was called to send a life insurance proposal to my client on her husband.  She had asked for a couple of different amounts and was wondering what the cost would be for permanent coverage and term insurance.

I sent the proposals to her and didn’t hear from her for a couple of weeks.  Finally one day she called and I assumed that she either had a question on the life insurance or wanted to set a time to buy one of the options.

Well that was not the situation at all.  She was calling to tell me that her husband “A..” had died.  Massive heart attack, no warning, and he was in his mid 50’s.  She told me that the company that they owned was being broken up into pieces and that an ex-employee/manager was going into competition with them.

My client was left with no husband, severely restricted cash flow, and no life insurance.  She said that my proposal was still on the coffee table in their living room.  Bad situation.

She said she was never going to procrastinate again.  She said she put off making decisions routinely and it has cost her for the last time.

When you are ready to take care of your family, don’t worry about what form of coverage you buy.  Buy the cheapest stuff…say a 10 year term life insurance policy.  At least you’ve taken care of the problem for 10 years.  Then take a few months to purchase the approriate type of insurance for your situation.

I need to insert here that I have never, NEVER, had any life insurance beneficiary ask what type of coverage their loved one had purchased.  All that was important was the amount of coverage and how that would fit their needs.

When you are ready to purchase your life insurance give me a call in Lubbock, Texas at 806-798-7800.  Or request a quote on our website at www.hettlerinsurance.com   We are only able to serve Texas residents at this time.  Decide to act today!