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What Affects Auto Insurance Rates In Plainview Texas?

Personal Factors that Affect Auto Insurance

Getting an affordable quote for car insurance in Plainview, TX is affected by your age, personal driving history, and vehicle type. Some factors can be controlled, such as whether your vehicle is a brand new two-door “sports” car versus a used minivan. And, whether you have a record of speeding tickets or at-fault accidents.

Two-Door Sports Car versus Used Minivan | Auto Insurance in Plainview Texas | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock Texas, Call 806-798-7800

Other factors may be slightly out of your immediate control, like whether you’re still in high school or college, or your need to commute to work 20 miles every day. Choosing car insurance that is within your budget, yet meets your needs of insurance coverage is an important part of research.

Environmental Factors that Affect Auto Insurance

Most insurance shoppers realize that personal choices and driving habits affect insurance rates. Less known is that your environment also plays a role. Since most car accidents and claims happen close to our home, where we live is important when carriers determine your insurance rates.

Insurance carriers today, use algorithms to predict the chance of a driver having a claim in their environment. Demographics, weather, and crime in Plainview, Texas are factors that can increase or lower car insurance premiums. Residents who choose to move to another city in Texas may be surprised to hear they can save on car insurance.

Crime in Plainview Texas vs Other Cities

Crime is a big deciding factor when formulating car insurance rates. Vehicle break-ins, stolen vehicle theft, and DWI rates can increase insurance costs. General violent and property crime statistics are used by insurance carriers, as well. About 45 minutes south of Plainview is the much larger city of Lubbock, TX. Most drivers that move from Plainview to Lubbock, would see higher car insurance rates. Lubbock’s bigger population and percentage of crime are higher than Plainview’s and would create a higher risk of coverage.

Crime Comparison Table for Plainview Texas, Lubbock Texas, United States | Based on most recent FBI data. 100 is highest while 1 is lowest | Hettler Insurance Agency, Lubbock Texas, Call 806-798-7800

Crime Comparison Table for Plainview Texas, Lubbock Texas, United States – Based on recent FBI data. 100 is highest while 1 is lowest.

Weather in Plainview vs. Other Cities

Although Plainview has little risk of hurricane damage compared to cities on the Texas Gulf Coast, it is affected by flooding and hail damage. Similar to other areas of the Panhandle, hail and flooding tend to happen in spring, early summer and fall. Two years ago, Plainview residents received golf-ball sized hail which led to broken windshields and dented cars. Depending on a driver’s deductible and the amount of damage, weather claims can lead to comprehensive insurance claims, also known as “other than collision”.

Recently, in May 2019, an EF-2 Tornado touched down north of Plainview and led to damage at several farms. Thunderstorms can create flash flooding but most often create dangerous driving conditions that lead to more accidents.

The Plainview Insurance Market

Plainview Population

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Plainview Residents: 20,767
Female: 10,495 (49.90%)
Male: 10,535 (50.10%)

Population by Race
White 17,235 (82.0%)
Two or More Races 1,213 (5.8%)
Black or African American 1,180 (5.6%)
Some Other Race 1,174 (5.6%)
American Indian / Alaska Native 172 (0.8%)
Asian 54 (0.3%)
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 2 (0.01%)

Plainview Demographics

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Median Age:
32.2 (male: 29.7, female: 33.9)
14,999 adults (2,765 of whom are seniors)

Age 18-64:
Only English: 55.6%
Spanish: 43.8%

Age over 65:
Only English: 61.5%,
Spanish: 36.6%

Plainview Household

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Household Types
Type       Owner       Renter
Married       69.7%       30.3%
All       55%       45%
Male       48%       52%
Non-Family       41.2%       58.8%
Female       40.5%       59.5%
Rate of Home Ownership = 55.0%

Income by Household Type:
Type       Median       Mean
Households       $45,482       $53,706
Families       $52,000       $62,122
Married Families $65,895
Non-Families       $21,901       $28,295

Marriage Rates
Overall Marriage Rate = 47.1%
Male Marriage Rate = 49.2%
Female Marriage Rate = 45.0%

Plainview Education

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Education Attained       Count       Percentage
Less Than 9th Grade       1,557       12.44%
9th to 12th Grade:       1,354       10.82%
High School Graduate       4,309       34.43%
Some College       2,624       20.97%
Associates Degree       499       3.99%
Bachelor’s Degree       1,468       11.73%
Graduate Degree       705       5.63%

Earnings by Educational Attainment:
Average Earnings: $30,782
Average Male: $34,654
Average Female: $26,700

Employment Rates
Labor Force Participation = 63.3%
Employment Rate = 59%
Unemployment Rate = 6.7%
Veterans: 746