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Don’t Touch a Blade of Grass Without Coverage

Your Local Landscape Insurance Agency

We’re Texans and we take great pride in our lawns and outdoor spaces--next to football it’s practically a national pastime around here. That’s why Hettler Insurance Agency believes landscapers and lawn care professionals in Texas deserve affordable, yet comprehensive insurance coverage.

We hope it doesn’t happen, but what would you do if someone tripped over your equipment and sued for bodily injury? Or what if one of your workers accidentally damaged property, received an injury on the job, or was involved in an accident using one of your service vehicles?

Although general landscaping in Texas doesn’t require a license or insurance, there are a variety of risks that make it essential to get coverage. Landscape architects on the other hand, are required to be licensed and minimum insurance is mandatory.

There are hundreds of cases each year in Texas where landscapers are sued and required to settle lawsuits with clients, workers and subcontractors. One example in 2016 involved an employee of a landscaping management company that died after a 700 pound, zero-turn lawnmower fell on top of him during servicing. It's an extreme example, but don't put your business and family at risk of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Types of Landscaping & Lawn Service Coverage

Choosing a policy from Hettler provides coverage that helps you sleep at night. Insurance coverage doesn’t have to be hard to understand or outrageously expensive, here’s what we offer:

Commercial Liability & Property Insurance

General Liability protects your business against financial difficulty in case someone sues for property damages or bodily injury. This policy also helps cover the cost of your legal defense and any court-ordered compensation.

From blowers to mowers we know you couldn’t do your job without quality equipment. We also know good tools don’t come cheap, which is why you need Commercial Property Insurance to cover the cost of replacement or repair. This policy also provides coverage for your main business location in case of theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Next up, consider Commercial Auto Insurance in case you or any of your workers are involved in an automobile accident using a business vehicle. Your personal car insurance policy does not cover work-related accidents in Texas, so don’t assume you can skip this essential coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

We know it’s difficult to think about, but if one of your workers gets injured, sick or, worst of all, loses their life due to work-related injuries or illness, Workers Compensation Insurance helps cover the cost of missed wages, along with hospital, medical, or funeral expenses. Run a small crew with a few subcontractors? Workers Compensation Insurance will even cover you, the owner in case of injury. Most landscaping businesses can’t survive without the owner actively working and managing projects, which is why we strongly recommend including yourself in coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

Lastly, any small business providing specialized services like landscaping should have Professional Liability Insurance to protect against negligence, malpractice, or misrepresentation claims.

What does this mean? One of your clients or subcontractors can claim you didn’t provide services as advertised or made mistakes on the job. Whether it’s planting too close to structures or not installing proper drainage, any mistake job related that could result in legal trouble. Isn’t this the same as General Liability coverage? No, general commercial policies exclude claims related to landscaping expertise. Professional liability will cover against negligence claims plus pay for any damages that may be awarded in a civil lawsuit.

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